GRSSP is a growing company

GRSSP has been doing business for more than 28 years and is expanding business in Asia and Arab Emirates markets. We recently acquired General Trading and Nucleus Technology in Pakistan and developed business partnership with Online Computer Technology UAE. The idea behind the GRSSP Global is to build the suite of services to help bridge the technology and business process gaps. GRSSP uses this strategy to build a suite of services under one roof, where customers can find all their business needs in one place. Our professional service experts provide exceptional deliverables, while ensuring our customers’ passion and growth as our priorities. We meet all IT and business requirements, goals initiatives and objectives.

About AIM

We are honored that our founders are recognized in this industry and have been in the IT market for more than 25 years and working together for more than 28 years. GRSSP has merged with and acquired other reputable companies. This collaboration has resulted in delivering perceptible services to our customers and enhancing their abilities to capture more business. We are engaged in developing, implementing, and managing cost effective Business and Technology solutions.
We initiate by analyzing the existing business process. Our services are designed to meet the requirements of any complexity. With our robust team of experts and well-defined processes, we help to generate a prolific online revenue stream. Yes, GRSSP facilitates and solves your business challenges with proven methodologies and solutions. If you are looking for a company who knows how to deliver and can take care of all your IT needs, then your search is over. Our customized and end to end solutions ensures your success. GRSSP offers you innovative ideas to solve your business challenges. We are committed to developing business success strategies that enable your busines to overcome challenges and empower your business for growth.


GRSSP looks forward to provide you

GRSSP looks forward to providing you with both comprehensive and diverse solutions. We provide unparalleled services committed to the betterment of our customers. As the business challenges are continuously evolving, we offer robust solutions. It is our mission to help our customers to grow. We employ proven methodologies for our customers’ businesses so they can keep pace in this constantly evolving industry. It is GRSSP’s mission, to provide solutions and capabilities to operate businesses by creating, educating, inspiring and delivering prolific results. We believe in togetherness and therefore, we provide opportunities of growing together.


GRSSP is a platform for providing cutting edge solutions for hardware, software and marketing. We work with clients to achieve measurable accomplishments and business objectives. We are the missing fuel that propels our clients to achieve uncommon results.


Our services will enhance your business professional presentation and ensure that the process is user friendly to your customers. Our vastly experienced team always have your end user in mind and realizes the importance in software to suit your business specific requirements.

OUR Services

• Software Application and Website development.
• Information Technology Infrastructure solutions.
• Accounting and Financial system management and services.
• Project and Portfolio management solutions.
• CCTV and Personal Security monitoring solutions.
• Business Enterprise Architecture solutions.
• Skilled and Non-Skilled labor augmentation and management.


Our team has engineers, who have many years of experience in web technologies, databases, mobile apps, software development, SEO, CCTV, Computer Networking, Storage and system infrastructure. GRSSP also provides, Business Financial audits, Internal Audits, Book Keeping Payroll management, and maintenance of General Ledger. Outsourcing or co-sourcing internal audit functions are increasingly valuable solutions. Given the complexities of financial institutions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain a team of internal auditors, who are well-versed in all aspects of the operations. More and more institutions favor the value proposition of outsourcing or co-sourcing their internal audits.

An effective internal auditing team needs to have a broad mix of skills, ranging from the junior resource needed for the more straightforward “box-checking” regulatory work right up to senior niche risk specialists. Using co-sourcing arrangements means having access to this sort of substantial headcount needed to do the job, while not having to worry about issues that can make a fully in-house model difficult to build and maintain. Under a co-sourcing arrangement, once a project is done, the clock stops – as does the cost. Co-sourcing works at all levels within internal audits and can be less expensive than bringing all the requisite skills in-house.

GRSSP provides you with the skilled professionals to support your business acceleration.


Our teams are the compelling reasons to choose us. GRSSP has developed numerous services to help its clients improve their operations and take advantage of efficiencies that they may not otherwise be aware. GRSSP resources will allow clients to execute projects quickly and with the depth of knowledge and nonbiased approach that are important to management. Our key strength is the sound understanding of business commercial models and in-depth knowledge of technological frameworks. Our team works very closely with clients to deliver not just the ready solution but also take pride in creating additional customization and enhancements as needed. As an independent firm, we are able to build trustworthy client relationships and respond proactively to your individual needs. We treat every situation as unique and build a team around you to deliver imaginative, entrepreneurial advice and solutions that you can trust. We offer a wide range of internal audit services. Outsourcing or co-sourcing your internal audit team with our internal audit group is beneficial. Out group includes professionals who have been on both sides of the table and understand that pointing out a problem is only the first step. We recognize that what financial institutions need from their auditors is pragmatic, innovative solutions.

GRSSP consultant is your solution and offers:

  • Effective solutions
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Multinational presence.
  • GRSSP is a full-service firm.
  • 28-year history
  • 24/7/365 availability excellent support
  • NIST defined framework and other industry standards best practices.
  • Positive client feedback throughout the history.
  • Existing client satisfaction levels were ranked amongst the highest in Karachi.

Future Plans

GRSSP is building relationships with industry leaders to create a faucet for customers to benefit in a reduction in their operational cost and experience a greater dimension of services, support and success.